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We source our kratom leaves straight from rural Indonesian jungles where the tree is organically grown and harvested.


7 Stage Lab-tested

We ensure absolute purity, high potency, and freedom from metals, harmful elements, chemicals, or fillers of our products through 7-stage laboratory testing


Premium Quality

Our plants are organic and farmed for top quality, harvested & processed with proprietary techniques by expert local farmers


With a vision

We see a world where high-quality kratom improves the lives of many and the wellbeing of the world as a whole.


Free Shipping

On orders over $50


100% Quality Pledge

Your success and joy are our mission. If our product does not meet or exceed your expectations, we’ll send you a full refund.

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What customers say about Kaizen Kratom

Amazing kratom, with fantastic effects

I heard about this Kratom through a friend and was skeptical to try it as I’m used to the brand that I always use. Shipping was very quick and only took a few days to arrive. The presentation of Kaizen was a step above other brands. This got me very excited to see if this brands organic kratom was any different than my go-to-brand. My mind was shocked of the difference. I noticed i can take much less oz to get same result of other brand. I am very happy with Kaizen Kratom and this will be my new go-to-brand for Kratom! I’m excited to see the strains this company comes out with and very looking forward to seeing how this higher quality organic kratom will do on the market! Thanks guys! Read more

David Y
US Customer

The Best Kratom There Is

I usually take two tablespoons in the morning and two in the evening, so around 20-25 grams a day to treat my depression. When my order came in, the next day I took two tablespoons of Super Green before going to my desk to draw, not expecting much difference between what I usually take and this batch of SG. I was quite surprised to find that the difference was significant. There was no stomach upset and no crash afterwards that I often experience with my usual strain. My whole body and mind felt softened, and the comfort effect was just as strong. The usual crash I experience was more of a soft landing with SG. And positive mental effects actually lasted long after, whereas usually I feel crappy afterwards when taking other kratom strains. This stuff is a lot better than the Golden Monk stuff I usually buy, and GM is considered up there in terms of quality. The lab testing this company uses to filter out contaminants makes a big difference to the experience.

Filipp P
US Customer

the best kratom I've ever had

Kaizen Kratom is the bomb. I have tried quite a few other kratom powders as well as capsules in the past, some are sketchy, some are so-so, and some are great. Unquestionably though none that I have tried compares to Kaizen kratom. I take it for energy, staying healthy, feeling good, and helping out at work, and the kratom results is the best of all of them with Kaizen. Long-lasting. I’ve never had a strain that not only lasts so long, but that the effects (not just the high) last for 4-5 hours. Even after the high is gone I feel like some of the positive effects are still with me. I also don’t have to take as much. The quality and effects are so good, I can take a somewhat lower dose than other brands and get better results. It works!!! What can I say, try it - you won't be disappointed

Tommy T
US Customer

Amazing, Fabulous Organic Kratom

This is good quality clean kratom. I tried all the strains available and was very pleased I had no negative effects, and I take kratom regularly so I knew what to watch for. No plant pieces in the powder. Absolutely stimulating for me I cleaned my whole house. Everyone at kaizen is very timely and professional …a very positive experience.

Salena A
US Customer