What is Kratom?

Indigenous to Southeast Asia, Kratom is a tall evergreen tree in the coffee family. Its scientific name is mitragyna speciosa, which comes from its miter-shaped leaves.

The plant is traditionally grown in Southeast Asia and for hundreds of years has been used by locals for energy, endurance, and rest during a hard day of labor. It was also used as a traditional folk medicine for a variety of conditions.

The plant shows tremendous potential for improving mental and physical health in today’s modern world.


Kratom Types and Strains

Kratom leaves have red, green, or white veins, depending on the processes used after harvesting. The quality of kratom depends on how & where it is grown, whether it is organic and pure, and how it is processed after harvesting. Some processing techniques are similar across the board, but some farmers have special processing techniques unique to them.

Kaizen Kratom began with a small team who saw quality kratom as a foundational solution for health & wellbeing in the modern world.

We began Kaizen Kratom with a mission based on a vision of an improved world in mind. Knowing that pure, high quality kratom can do a tremendous good across the world, we went on a mission to find the very best organic kratom in the world. To do this, we sourced organic kratom from multiple farmers, and then had multiple subjects blind test both these and the best organic kratom currently on the market. We selected those that consistently performed the very best to provide to you, and put those winners through a 7-stage third-party laboratory testing, to ensure complete purity against yeast, mold, E. coli, salmonella, heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants.

We trust that our products will effectively suit all your kratom needs, and will give you the energy, motivation, and wellbeing to conquer fear and live a fulfilled, meaningful life of service to others.