Lab Testing?

It is our mission to sell the best possible, quality organic kratom we can, in order to provide to you a 100% safe kratom that also brings the greatest possible benefits.

Our first step in this process is to source pure kratom from multiple organic farmers, and then put them through a series of blind tests to determine which is top quality. After this, the next critical step to ensure quality and organic purity is lab testing.

Lab testing is crucial to test whether a kratom product is truly pure and safe. Many of the adverse health effects from kratom that you may have heard about over the years is not the result of kratom itself, but of tainted kratom, sometimes grown in low quality conditions, sometimes poorly harvested and processed, and other times maliciously laced with toxic chemicals and/or drugs designed to hook the users and cause harmful addiction. There have also been sickness outbreaks due to tainted kratom, specifically salmonella.

All of our products have undergone a 7-stage third party laboratory testing to check for yeast, mold, E. coli, salmonella, heavy metals, chemicals, and other contaminants. If you would like to see our Certificate of Analysis from a third party company, please reach out to us and we will be happy to provide it. We go beyond the typical lab tests and test against pesticides and a whole host of other pathogens and contaminants not normally tested in kratom.

By using organic, high quality kratom, you avoid the dangers of contaminated or ill-prepared kratom, and also feed your body the highest quality ingredients that it deserves to operate effectively.