How To Use


So, Why Would You Take Kratom?

If you are new to kratom and want to learn the fundamentals about this wonderful plant, you can do so here.


TLDR: Kratom is a plant in the coffee family that that improves focus, energy, and mood. It has tremendous physical and mental health benefits, including bone support and immune support. It is full of healthy antioxidants and minerals that make it a valuable supplement to get your day started and/or kick you into gear at important junctions within your day.

You will definitely want to try kratom if any of the following is you:

  • You love coffee
  • You get worried, stressed, or “stuck”
  • You want a mood boost & mental clarity
  • You work out and want to maximize gains
  • You want immune system support
  • You want bone and joint support

Of any kratom out there, Kaizen Kratom has been blind tested alongside other top brands on the market and found to have the strongest, healthiest, and longest lasting effects. In addition, it is 7-stage lab tested to be organic and pure.


How Much to Take:

  1. If it is your first time, start small, such as 1 gram
    • Capsules are 0.5 grams each, i.e. 2 capsules = 1 gram).
    • Powder you can weigh on a scale. If you do not have a scale, ½ tsp lightly packed = roughly 1 gram.
  2. Gradually increase this amount and try different amounts, and figure out what works best for you.


  1. You may find an amount that works best for you; you may also find that on different days or different activities, different amounts work better. When in doubt, look for consistency.
  2. If you ever find yourself developing a tolerance, take a break or gradually reduce usage.


How To Take Kratom:


  • Take with water. Capsules are highly portable and you can take easily anywhere that you have water with you.


  • Mix it with water and drink it straight (warning: BITTER).
  • Blend it with a variety of teas or other tasty, healthy drinks. Lemon juice + sweetener works great.
  • Mix with food or into a smoothie. Having a mostly empty stomach is ideal though, so it's recommended to be eaten with something small such as a small smoothie.

Drink water often and regularly after taking kratom. Kratom is mineral-based and has lots of health benefits, but only when balanced out with plenty of water.

When to Take Kratom

When you choose to take kratom is up to you and depends on whether you have any particular goals or aims in taking it. The most popular time to take kratom is starting the day, oftentimes with coffee. Some other great times to take kratom are going into a major project, before a workout, social activities, anytime you need motivation.

Try different times out and figure out what works best for you.

How Often to Take Kratom

You can take kratom once per day, or multiple times is fine. However, it’s usually recommended to avoid taking kratom constantly throughout the day, unless instructed by a doctor for a medical reason.

You can increase the benefits of kratom by taking sessions or days off. For example, if you take 1-2 days off any kratom each week, your body will reset its tolerance and better utilize it on the days you take it. If you do not take days off, even reducing number of times or amounts taken on certain days will improve your results.


Consuming Kratom in Health and Moderation

It is important to note that kratom is a plant in the coffee family and can be addictive. When used naturally and moderately, it has tremendous health benefits; when used improperly or out of moderation, it has adverse effects. As with any ingredient, moderation/balance and proper use are essential.

Also, kratom is mineral-based, and one should consume plenty of water alongside kratom. Lack of hydration can result in side effects such as constipation, nausea, lightheadedness, lack of focus.

Generally, varying usage and even taking days off on a regular basis is a great way to get the highest value from the plant while mitigating its risks. Exact quantities and usage recommendations varies highly from person to person.

When first taking kratom, start small and gradually increase until you settle on an amount that works well for you, or an amount directed by a knowledgeable health professional. Drink/take kratom the same way you take coffee or supplements—with healthy moderation. It is highly advisable to immediately slow consumption if you find yourself developing a tolerance.

Maximizing Your Experience

Mindful use of organic kratom can skyrocket the positive benefits it has on your life. Here are some top strategies to get the most out of your Kaizen Kratom.


One of the best things you can do when taking kratom, is to set an intention on what you desire to gain along with your dose.

You will significantly amplify the benefits of taking kratom and at the same time squash distractions.


The way your body will respond to kratom depends not only on the plant’s direct effects but also on your belief that it is producing health within your body.

What you tell your mind, the body follows.



Because kratom can give a boost in energy and focus, practicing self-care methods can do great wonders for improving your mental health.

You can do many things in the day, including exercise, preparing healthy food, socializing, and getting a good night’s sleep. Developing a healthy routine, including healthy doses and times, will also improve the product’s effectiveness.


Just like coffee, kratom has tremendous value as a part of community, whether it be in the workplace, home life, or online community. There is something about it that goes beyond the drink.

Drinking (or taking) kratom with friends and colleagues is a healthy experience, with proven mental and emotional benefits. Kratom has a tremendous power to make community stronger and more positive, in addition to its personal health benefits.